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Wool Care

Washing Wool by Hand

Yes, you can wash wool and wool-blend projects at home.  Items crafted of wool or felted wool may be easily cared for when handled gently.  Here's how:

Run warm water into your container and add a wool wash or mild soap.  (A clean ice cream bucket works great for small items.)  Add the garment and allow it to soak until it is wet all the way through.  When soaked, gently lift the garment and squeeze out any excess water without wringing.  Place the item in clear rinse water that is close to the temperature of the wash water if your soap was not no-rinse.  Remove from rinse water and squeeze again.  Lay item flat on a bath towel, roll up and press firmly to remove even more water.  (You may also use the spin-only cycle of your top-loading washer if you are feeling confident.)  Lay the garment flat, pat into shape and allow to finish drying.

Wool is able to retain quite a bit of moisture while still feeling dry, so be sure to let it dry completely.  If it feels cool to the touch, it is probably still damp.


Felting of wool is caused by a combination of heat, soap and agitation or a sudden change in water temperature.  These instructions should allow you to safely clean your wool and avoid felting.